"Let your Soul Sound Illuminate your True Colours"

About Us

Divine Crystalline Souls is owned and operated by Dana Brouwer.

Dana is a Certified Sound Healer, John of God Crystal Bed Practitioner, Tuning Fork Practitioner,  BioPulsar Analyst
and a Reiki Master, born in the Netherlands and she has always been curious about the unknown and unexplained.

On her personal Journey, Dana was introduced to different energy healing modalities. She has worked with Reiki and
Bach Flower remedies for many years. The focus for her practice has shifted as Dana progressed on her journey.
The main therapies she works with today are Sounds, Crystals, Colours, the John of  God Crystal Bed,
 BioPulsar Reflexograph and Liquid Light Frequencies.

Dana uses her own personal experiences to help others on their path to finding their "True Self".

Dana is grateful for all the Teachers along her path, and continue to be part of her amazing Journey.
The Ancestors and Teachers continue to guide Dana towards her True Colours
 and she now guides you to find yours.

Remember you are the ONE creating your life!