"Let your Soul Sound Illuminate your True Colours"

Virtual Crystalline Soul Activation


Being still, guided to share this with the ones that are ready, the ones that have come here to share their gifts with the world, all that is.


Welcome to the New Earth!

The Earth's frequencies are upgraded, what means we all have to raise our frequencies to be able to align with these new waves of energy.


Connecting with Divine Beings we will bring Sound, Songs and Light Language to help raise the frequencies of your Crystalline Soul.


Create a comfortable. space for yourself to receive the activation codes and sounds that will help to release limiting programs, believes & trauma's. Harmonize the points of your connection to earth’s crystalline grid, enhancing your energy field with the energy of creation.


After this activation session, you will feel renewed and ready to step into a new YOU!

This session is 30 minutes and can be recorded if you like.

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