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The Album is about the Earth's vibration Rising. Mother Earth is calling all to connect to the Divine Feminine.

When the Feminine Energy rises, it balances the male and female energies within thus Awakening the Kundalini.

When this happens, we are ONE with the Four Directions, Father Sky, Mother Earth and Spirit - the UNIVERSE!

Dana Brouwer folllows the path within reconnecting with Mother Earth to authentically and ``earthganically`` deliver her second CD album.

The Hidden Path sound quest takes Dana and her crew into the colorful back woods of Albert County, New Brunswick, Canada where the inner and physical join to create a sound journey for the listener. Dana`s voice, drums, crystal bowls, rattles, etc blend with the essence of Mother Earth to create a unique sound healing experience that will unfold your treasures within.

All over the world, each country, has their own songs and music that are handed down from generation to generation.

Many of these songs are forgotten.

The songs and music was used to give thanks.

So the Ancestors challenged me to be a channel and share these songs for all of us to use for our personal healing.

There when we heal and work on ourselves we will heal everything around us. Enjoy the Journey!

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