"Let your Soul Sound Illuminate your True Colours"

Crystal Bed

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A Crystal Bed, sometimes also called an advanced chromo therapy machine is a spiritual treatment device that uses colored light beams focused at your chakras or energy centers through seven very pure quartz crystals. The alternating lights produce a balancing effect on your energy body as you lay with your eyes closed and meditate to soft relaxing music. 

Different things that you can experience during a Crystal bed session:
* Sensations like pressure, weight, lightness, heaviness, hot, cold, wind, tickling, tingling etc.
* Feelings of peace, serenity, very deep relaxation.
* You may simply fall asleep and wake up feeling very refreshed and renewed.
* You may experience insights and release of specific personal issues from now and past.
* You may have feelings of numbness, warmth, movement, expansion, cleansing, or a feeling
   of being touched.
* You may feel sensations of physical healing taking place
* You might experience higher states of consciousness.

Many people who have had "Crystal Bed Healing" Sessions have reported some of the following:
* An increase of definitions in the senses (taste-food, sight-colors, touch-awareness)
* Feeling more energized- clear thoughts- ability to focus
* Feeling a deep relaxation- a connection to the earth and/or universe
* Feeling more at peace within themselves, balance of the chakras
* Feeling less stressed and an increased sense of overall well-being- increase in health
* A deeper spiritual understanding of themselves, and their life situations
* Gaining insights into their future life path and the evolution of Mother Earth
* Gaining insights of the cause of disease states- looking inward into personal health
* Receiving guidance as to how to best deal with their disease or problems bed