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Crystalline Soul Activation & Blueprint

What is a Crystalline Soul Activation and Blueprint?

Connecting to the multidimensional layers of the Universal Consciousness Dana will bring through the Song of your Soul. We will then transfer the song to a canvas. This is your Souls Blueprint.

While listening to you Soul Song & Connecting to your Soul Blueprint, fragments of your Soul will come back to you and merge together to make you once again Whole. This Journey is where you will start to remember who you are and why you are here. Each time listening to and meditating with your Soul Song & Soul Blueprint you will go deeper and bring more Soul pieces home.

We bring this through the channel "Dana" with

so much Love & Joy. Listen to your Souls call and bring the pieces home.

Much Love,

Sisters from all Dimensions

The process:

We will channel the Soul Song and Blueprint. Then make an appointment (this can be in person or online) were we will listen & connect with the song and blueprint and work through some things that might come to the surface.

If long distance we will send you the Soul Song by email and your Soul Blueprint by mail. Shipping will be added.

Here's what we've been working on

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