"Let your Soul Sound Illuminate your True Colours"

Crystalline Soul Activation & Blueprint

What is a Crystalline Soul Activation and Blueprint?

Connecting with your energy I will channel your Soul Song and Light language. Then listening to this song I will create your Soul Blueprint.

Together they are a great meditation tools for activation and expansion of your Crystalline body. Each time you listen/meditate with this you will create a deeper connection with Self.

There are a few different ways we are offering this: 
* Long Distance - Will channel the Soul Song and Blueprint. Then make an appointment (this can be in person or online) were we will listen & connect with the song and blueprint and work through some things that might come to the surface.

* In person - Will channel your Souls song & Blueprint with you in the space.

* Online through zoom - Will channel your Souls song & Blueprint.  Send your Soul Song by email and ship your painting (shipping will be added)

* Come and spend a day and/or night - We will channel your Soul Song, create your Blueprint and work through anything that is coming up during the process and time spend. Sharing different tools that you can use for yourself to continue your Crystalline Soul expension when back home.