"Let your Soul Sound Illuminate your True Colours"

During a Crystalline Soul Healing you will be on the John of God Crystal bed while I will be intuitively guided by the Ancestors to use different Songs and Sounds to enhance your Crystal bed experience. The combination of Sounds, Crystals and Chromo Therapy will create balance and release on mental, emotional and physical levels.  All together these frequencies will create a profound transformation for the individual and help you remember who you are a DIVINE BEING OF LOVE!

We will use different instruments like drum, bells, rattles, crystal bowls and voice during the session enhancing your experience.

If needed we will suggest different healing tools and techniques that can enhance your healing process after the session. When going home with the found awareness it will be empowering to be able to unfold more of "YOU" after the session yourself.


Crystalline Soul Healing

Over the years I have experienced different types of healings from Dana and she always brings me to where I need to go. Recently I had a Crystalline Soul Healing that was very enlightening. I had previously experienced both the John of God Crystal bed healings and the Sound Healings seperately and have always felt benefit from both. But the combination of these two was perfect. The relaxed, kind, gentle healing of the crystal bed combined with the stimulating and activating sound healing will open, move and shift you, exactly as you need it to. I will be doing this again.
Lynne Duplessis

The experience felt during the energy treatment I received from Dana was very gentle, yet so profound. I have known Dana for over ten years and she uses the tools she has mastered over the years to assist her clients in letting go of what is no longer needed to allow them to move forward. If one is sensitive to energies, the various shifts happening may be felt; I know I felt them! Thank you very much Dana for this special experience! xox