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crystalline spray collection

Elements Spray Collection

These Sprays are created with special blends of essential oils, crystal healing elixir, color, sound, grain alcohol, dead sea salt and distilled water.

This formula for each spray is gifted to Dana Brouwer of Divine Crystalline Souls through higher energy Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters to assist us to clear dense energies and to prepare us to raise our frequency to fully step into your Crystalline body.

Enjoy the benefits of our specialty sprays by first utilizing the Divine Energy Spray to clear anything that may be in your energy field. Just spray once or twice above the head and heart area, with your eyes closed, and allow the mist to come down around you.

A quick spray into corners and center of rooms will also clear dense energies in your home and make both you and the whole space feel much lighter and brighter.

After clearing the energy field with the Divine Energy Spray select an additional spray found in our Crystalline or Elements Collections to enhance your journey.

Crystalline Spray Collection

Divine Energy Spray

Clears your energy field, home, crystals, etc. and keeps you in a higher vibration of love.

Soul Connection Spray

Illumination of the Chakras, Higher consciousness, Clarity, Connection to your Soul.

Sacred Space Spray

Creates a safe protected space to connect with Spirit, opens Third Eye, enhances intuitive abilities, connect to All that is.

Tranquility Spray

Brings in Peace and Harmony, Releases Dense energies, leaving your grounded and feeling safe.

Elements Collection Sprays

Earth Element Spray

Earth is the nurturer and provider. Using the Earth Element Spray brings abundance and joy into your life. Feel safe and provided for. HOME!

Air Element Spray

Wind is refreshing. Using Air Element Spray can bring new inspiration and ideas into your life. Move forward with confidence. REFRESHING!

Fire Element Spray

Fire clears and purifies dense energies.

The Fire Element Spray clears inside and outside influences that block your movement forward. MOVEMENT!

Water Element Spray

Emotions we are not aware of dwell

within us. Water Element Spray helps

to bring these to the surface for release

and processing. CLEARING!

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