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July 9th, 2023 2pm - 4pm

206 Mary's Point road, Harvey, Albert County, NB

Exchange $40​

Register by sending e-transfer to

SOUND Immersion - Harvey, Albert County, NB

Sunday August 13th, 202​3 10am - 5pm

206 Mary's point road, Harvey, Albert County, NB

Exchange $150

Bring a friend each $125

Register by sending e-transfer to

Crystalline Soul Activation

Welcome to the New Earth!

The Earth's frequencies are upgraded, what means we all have to raise our frequencies to be able to align with these new waves of energy.

Connecting with Divine Beings we will bring Sound, Songs and Light Language to help raise the frequencies of your Crystalline Soul.

With the use of Crystals & Colors we will start connecting with ourselves. We then will find a place within the room and make ourselves comfortable. to receive. The activation codes and sounds will help us release limiting programs, believes & trauma's. Harmonize the points of your connection to earth’s crystalline grid, enhancing your energy field with the energy of creation.

After this activation session, you will feel renewed and ready to step into a new YOU!

To Bring:

Yoga mat




Register by sending e-transfer to:

Exchange $40 tax incl

Register by sending e-transfer to

SOUND Immersion



SOUND Immersion is a day with two great Sound Healers, both of them have their own unique way of using sound to help release, remember an expand to create a deeper connection with self, your Soul.

The Sound Immersion will take place in a barn around a big fire pit. During the break you can go out and

connect with nature in a peaceful setting with an amazing view of the Bay!

We will start this day with Terry Landry from Ascension Healing. He will guide you in a Sound Healing

with Gongs, Native Drum and Voice.

After we will take a lunch break ( bring your own)

In the afternoon Dana de Graaf from Divine Crystalline Souls will guide you

to journey within by channeling songs, sounds and light language, activating codes from your blueprint

before you came to the Earth to help you remember.

Little break to move etc.

Terry & Dana will bring their unique sounds together in the closing session. Terry bringing through the Masculine, light energy and Dana bringing through the Feminine Earth energies. An amazing balance to experience.

Exchange $150 per person

Bring a friend exchange $125 each

To reserve your spot send an e-transfer to

Terry is a Shamanic sound healer, a sound channel for the higher dimensions and the beings who resonate there.

Tuning into the higher dimensions, connecting with benevolent beings that reside in those vibrations, the energy of the different dimensions and beings are channeled via vocal toning and sounds.

This can be a powerful catalyst for shifting your own vibration. Most people have programming that keeps them locked in the lower vibrations. Breaking out of the old patterns and releasing the trauma and emotions associated, from this life and beyond, opens you up to new possibilities. These new possibilities are your soul’s desires that you feel in your heart to act upon. Freeing yourself means stepping out of the normal range of emotion and entering an altered state of consciousness. It is in this state that new feelings can be felt and act as seeds planted for the change you desire make. In this altered state you also release the old vibrations and emotions, patterns, beliefs and behaviors.

By creating this change, you are being empowered and uplifted. You are also released from the burdens of the world and no longer a vibrational match to them, you become a witness to the world and it is from this state of non-duality and non-judgement that true change can occur.

Dana is a Certified Sound Healer and channels Songs, Sounds and Light Language. Connecting to the energy of the group she will bring through what is needed to help release denser energies that no longer serve. During a session she takes time to connect to each individual to bring their Soul song to the surface, activating codes from their blueprint before they came to Earth and help you remember.

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