"Let your Soul Sound Illuminate your True Colours"




September 27, 2018

61 Dixson road, Harvey, Albert County, NB

Pamela Cail will be painting your Soul portrait while Dana Brouwer will be channeling your Soul Song. Two powerful healing tools to unfold more of YOU when going home. Meditating with your Soul portrait while listening to your Soul Song will bring you in a space of clarity, growth and transformation to YOU!

* Meet Pamela Cail - intuitively and with focused intent. She is channeling, reading and painting her clients encoded messages. Unlock the chambers of your Soul message! Pamela paints the Stillness within your Heart. - It is a still quiet voice that longs for your attention. She is an Intuitive Medium Healing with Art!

* Meet Dana Brouwer - She will channel your Medicine Song for the Soul with the use of her voice and instruments like drum, rattle, flute etc. Sound creates movement and vibration what will help you to release, clear your Ancestral Line, thus your DNA. As you can understand this is a powerful and deep healing what takes place and will bring transformation in your life. You will receive the  recording of your Soul Song Channeled from the Ancestors on USB to take home.

What can I expect during a session?

During your Soul portrait and Soul Song session, you will lie comfortable on a massage table. We will connect and open the directions before Pamela and Dana start channeling their messages in their own unique way.

Soul portrait includes:

1) High quality Gallery wrapped Canvas size 18" x 24", go home with soul portrait painting that day

2) Crystals and stones (that are attached to the canvas) raise the vibration of your soul portrait.

3) Personal Mantra written on the back of canvas for your Spiritual growth and intuitive channeled reading of portrait.

4) Pamela will also share how to personally read your soul portrait in 5 different ways.

5) Receive message/ thank you card from - Rainbow Healing Oracle Deck with the Obtain to purchase full deck @ discount.

Medicine Song for the Soul includes your personal song recording on USB to bring home to continue your healing.

Why have a session with Dana and Pamela?

Transformational! It is time to say YES! to all that you can "BE". Receive messages from your Medicine Song and Soul portrait that will assist you on your Journey and Purpose. Many insights come through in these sessions. View, meditate and journey with your Medicine Song and Soul portrait at home for more growth, connecting you to the Truth of who You are! OMG! I am So excited to share this with you!!!

We have ONLY 4 spaces available, 2 hour sessions

Total cost $268

Contact us to book your space!

[email protected]


10:00am - booked

12:30pm - booked

 3:00pm - booked


September 28 to September 30, 2018

Back to the Roots Weekend Retreat

Close your eyes, take a deep breath...........smell the fresh ocean air, feel the sun, sink into your heart and BE!

This will be a weekend to connect on a deeper level to your Soul. The beat of the drum will guide you to reconnect with the Earth, connect to your Ancestors and Re- Remember who you are. We will gather and create allowing the weekend to unfold.

*  Opening & Closing Ceremony with drumming
*  John of God Crystal bed session
*  Sound Healing
*  Crystals
*  Painting
*  Creating your personal healing tool
*  Lodging and food included
*  Supplies included

Exchange Fee $375 + tax
Non refundable Deposit $100 to reserve your space
Due by September 1st, 2018
Full payment by September 21, 2018
Space for 7 people.
Contact Dana to reserve your space at 506 227 6268 or [email protected]

Arrive around 5pm on Friday afternoon.