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Dana Brouwer folllows the path within reconnecting with Mother Earth to authentically and ``earthganically`` deliver her second CD album.

The Hidden Path sound quest takes Dana and her crew into the colorful back woods of Albert County, New Brunswick, Canada where the inner and physical join to create a sound journey for the listener. Dana`s voice, drums, crystal bowls, rattles, etc blend with the essence of Mother Earth to create a unique sound healing experience that will unfold your treasures within.

Mother's Call

Mother Earth is calling her children home.

Feel her heartbeat and song to reconnect.

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Let the rattle movements create awareness. This is who you are, this is who you became. Allow you to be you.

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When traveling down the road of remembrance you know you have the strength and courage. Move through with the power of the drum and encouraging chant.

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A sudden rainfall, crystal bowls and a rain stick create sounds from another world bringing you into the state of awakening.

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Allow the chant to unfold the treasure..........

Here I am. Proud to be me. I am strong, beautiful and unique. I AM

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Rain Within

Allow Mother Earth, chanting and tibetan bowls guide you on a journey deep within a cave`s mesmerizing sounds to find Gaia`s tears falling onto an underground lake and orchestrating drums.

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The strength and wisdom of the grandmother drum and channeled song provide direction.

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The drum and rattle clear the path, NOW go forward you have the strength,

knowledge and support.

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Grandmother drum and song celebrate the joy of coming home to the Mother where you are nurtured and cared for to safely become you.

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