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Sound Healing

Sound healing has been used for centuries all over the world by many different cultures. So it is not strange that we are being reminded about the powerful change sound healing can bring in our lives.

Through use of different instruments like drums, bells, tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, flute, chimes etc. we create a vibration. Also our voice is a powerful tool for sound healing. These instruments will by creating the different vibrations start creating movement within your cells in your physical body and this process will help you to let go of memories stored in your cells. Not only your memories will be brought to the surface to clear, but also what you are carrying from your ancestors. As you can understand this is a powerful and deep healing what takes place anwill bring transformation in your life.

We offer different sessions with sound:

* Sound, Crystals and Colour Journey

* Sound Healings one on one

* Group Sound Healings

* Tuning Fork Therapy

* Crystalline Soul Healings (crystal bowls)

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